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Radio-pharmaceuticals - Theragnostic pairings

Here is my presentation at the 1st US Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit. It highlights opportunities and challenges with companion imaging tracers. A complicated topic, email me if you want to know more!

Radio-pharmaceuticals - a history of success and failure

See my presentation at the 2nd Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit. It summarizes why RPs fail and how they can be successful. Don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to know more!

Radio-pharmaceuticals for cancer treatment - are they ready for prime time yet?

Radio-pharmaceuticals (RPs) are one of those decade old ‘technologies
of the future’ that never really made it into the mainstream.
The technology is generally robust and intuitive, effective
and well tolerated but also viewed as cumbersome and overly
complex. Will RPs see a renaissance or land on the junkyard of
failed formerly promising technologies?

Oncology Drug Costs - The Imaginary Crisis?

Have a look at an article I recently published in Annals of Oncology. It argues that while new cancer drugs contribute most to the remarkable progress in cancer care, cancer drug related costs represent only about 1% of overall healthcare costs. The challenge is to ensure cost-effective use of new drugs, not blanket cost containment.

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