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Case Studies

Adjust clinical development to align with future reimbursement needs

Public Biotech Company

Global search for oncology in-licensing opportunity

Develop and execute a partnering strategy

Private mid-stage biotech company

The development plan was primarily designed to meet regulatory requirements . The Board wished to place more emphasis on future market access needs. TurckBio adjusted the plan building in additional data points, helped drafting a Target Product Profile. Changes to the plan led to potentially more competitive product profile.

A public biotech company was looking for external assets to complement their internal pipeline. TurckBio conducted a global database review and manual opportunity review resulting in a short list of assets based on the companies strategic search criteria for potential in-licensing.

A small Biotech company wished to partner their lead asset. TurckBio developed a partnering strategy, helped develop messages targeted individually to potential partners and supported the process resulting in a favorable partnering deal.

Private Biotech Company preparing for the next funding round


Asset assessment for a venture capital firm

European Biotech company wishing to gain a foothold in the US

In preparation of the next funding round, the company needed to adjust the development plan, and to re-position the lead asset in a highly competitive market segment. TurckBio drafted the clinical developement strategy with a view to maximize the likelihood of favorable future reimbursement. 

The venture capital fund considered investing in an early stage oncology asset and sought TurckBio's support in validating the concept, assessing the asset's competitiveness, clinical development strategy and identifying potential issues. VC led a syndicated investment.

A private EU Biotech company decided to establish a presence in the US. TurckBio helped to build a presence, establishing the right contacts for clinical development, regulatory and for funding purposes. TurckBio also helps in the execution and remains point of contact. 

Improve P&L of a division

Public Pharmaceutical company

The CEO looked for ways to achieve profitable growth at a division that was spiraling downward. TurckBio identified key opportunities along the value chain to increase profitability, simplify various parts of the business and increase top-line. Successful execution let to a turnaround.

Opportunity assessment for a Private Equity fund

A large Private Equity fund considered investing in a highly focused Specialty Medicine company. TurckBio assessed technology and business model particularly focusing on sustainability, competitiveness and expansion opportunities.

EU biotech looking to assess potential US opportunities

A EU biotech had access to a number of assets for development in the US. TurckBio assessed the opportunities and a budget optimized path for clinical development. TurckBio advised not to pursue the asset.

Specialty Medicine - our expertise

Oncology, Neurology, Rare Diseases, Ophthalmology, Diagnostic Imaging, Molecular Imaging, Women's Health, Dermatology, Radiopharmaceuticals

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